DCTI Has a Fully Renovated and Equipped Servers Room

March 29th, 2019
DCTI Servers Room

After hosting for more than 22 years the RoeduNet Node in Timisoara, Room B521 returned to the DCTI. The room has been fully renovated during 2017-2018 and split into a Servers Room and a didactic laboratory.

Up-to-date equipment has been installed in the new DCTI Servers Room, to provide the necessary infrastructure and networking support for the department, such as network racks and cabinets, patch panels, power distribution, high-performance servers, firewalls, routers, switches, UPS devices, optical fiber and professional air conditioning equipment.

A comprehensive set of network services have also been installed and configured at department level by Valentin STÂNGACIU, including Mail, DNS, Web, Webmail, Linux user access, DHCP, Active Directory service for DCTI, GIT Server, Moodle Server, LimeSurvey Server, periodic incremental Backup Server, digital Certification service, automatic Security Update, online UPS systems, Proxy systems, Automated Linux Install/ NetworkBoot service and so on.