VISMA Sponsors the DCTI Computer Graphics Lab

November 1st, 2017

VISMA Software continues the sponsorship series in the Computer and Information Technology Department with a full upgrade of the Computer Graphics lab. The collaboration between VISMA and our Department started a few years ago; no more than last year, the Artificial Intelligence Lab was also upgraded, following the same procedure.

The Computer Graphics lab was completely renovated and equipped with 18 newly acquired workstations. Starting November 1st, 2017, students can use the new lab along with its other facilities.

VISMA is a leader in the European market of enterprise software development for business automation and management. It has a high level of expertise on ERP management products, addressing a wide range of customers, from small to very large companies. The portfolio also includes complementary products for the business environment, such as POS, CRM, banking applications, on-line payment support and online shops, and mobile applications. Most of these products have been developed based on Microsoft platforms.