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Academic Title
Associate Professor
Dr. Eng.
Administrative Positions and Attributions
Scientific Secretary of Department (2016-2023)
Office Contact
  Rooms B424, B425
(0256 40) 3272
  alexandru.amaricai (at)

Short Bio

Dr. Alexandru Amaricai has received the Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering in 2007, and the PhD in 2009, both at the University Politehnica Timisoara. He has been visiting researcher in 2012 at University College Cork, in the group of Prof. Emanuel Popovici, and in 2016 at ENSEA Cergy-Pontoise, in the group of Prof. David Declercq. He has been a Senior Fulbright Scholar in the August-December 2017 period, at University of Arizona, in the research group led by Prof. Bane Vasic.

Senior Fulbright Award, University of Arizona, 2017


Research Fields
Research Interests
  • Signal Processing Architectures on Field Programmable Gate Arrays, Digital System Reliability
Selected Research Projects

Selected Publications

  • Alexandru Amaricai, Mircea Vladutiu, Oana Boncalo "Design issues and implementations for floating-point divide–add fused", IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, Vol. 57, Issue 4, 2010
  • Alexandru Amaricai, Oana Boncalo "Implementation of very high radix division in FPGAs", Electronics Letters, Vol. 48, Issue 8, 2012
  • Alexandru Amaricai, Valentin Savin, Oana Boncalo, Nicoleta Cucu-Laurenciu, Joyan Chen, Sorin Cotofana "Timing error analysis of flooded LDPC decoders" , 2015 Int. Conference on Microwaves, Communication, Antennas and Electronic Systems (COMCAS), 2015
  • Alexandru Amaricai, Constantina Elena Gavriliu, Oana Boncalo "An FPGA sliding window-based architecture harris corner detector", 2014, 24th International Conference on Field Programmable Logica and Applications (FPL), 2014
  • Alexandru Amaricai, Oana Boncalo "SRT radix-2 dividers with (5, 4) redundant representation of partial remainder", NORCHIP, 2013