With an outstanding tradition, started before 1960, and with remarkable results, the research and development activity in the fields of Digital Computing, Computer and Software Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Science is carried out by the members of our department within specialized research laboratories and research groups, part of the CCCTI Research Center at the Politehnica University of Timisoara.

Research Areas

List of the main research areas covered by the academic staff, PhD students and researchers of our department:

CCCTI Research Center

The Research Center in Computer and Information Technology (CCCTI) supports the research activities of the DCTI staff members, PhD students and associated researchers in the general area of Computer and Information Technology.

In its current structure, the CCCTI Research Center is accredited at university level since 2011. It is composed of the following specialized research laboratories and reseach groups:

Research Projects

List of the most relevant research projects currently or recently developed by the academic staff and researchers of our department.