Graduation Evaluations and the Diploma Project

Information on graduation evaluations and the Diploma Project:


Results of the Graduation Evaluations

The results of the Graduation evaluations will be available on the Virtual Campus, exclusively.

Schedule of the Graduation Evaluations

Schedule of the Graduation exams for the June 2024 session
What When Where
Registration for the graduation exam 17-19 June, 2024 online
Graduation examinations 27-28 June, 2024 rooms specified according to the examination schedule

Rules and regulations on the general framework of the Graduation evaluations are available on the websites of the University, of the Faculty, as well as on the Regulations section.

The Evaluation Boards for the current session will be available here

Registration Procedure for the Graduation Exam

The organization and conducting of on-line Bachelor’s degree/diploma and Master’s examinations will be conducted exclusively using the resources of the specialized platform for online education Virtual Campus UPT (CVUPT), via the dedicated categories for Bachelor’s degree/diploma and Master’s, available on CVUPT, while respecting the regulations in place.

Enrollment details (the course, the enrollment interval and other details that are considered useful) are posted on the AC website at least one week before the enrollment period.

The registration procedure is as follows:

  • The Faculty Secretariat sends the list of integralist students able to enroll in the bachelor's / diploma exam to the person in charge of the CV for their enrollment in the Bachelor's course. 
  • Candidates access the CV platform with their username and password. As part of the Bachelor's degree course on the CV, fill in the registration form within the time allotted for registration.
  • After completing the registrations, at least 3 days before the presentation, the student uploads in the same course on the CV the final version of the documentation of the bachelor's thesis and the appendix with the source code. The activity has a deadline, after which it will no longer be allowed to upload documents.
  • The secretary of each commission makes an hourly appointment of the candidates, displays it on the CV and sends it for display on the faculty website.

Bachelor Graduation Examination

Some important excerpts regarding the Graduation evaluations, specified in the above-mentioned regulations:

  • The decision regarding the face-to-face or online conduct of the bachelor's/diploma exam is taken by the Faculty Council and announced to the students at least one week before the exams, unless there are other regulations specifying this.
  • The paper will be presented to the Evaluation Board, established on study programs, by decision of the Rector, at the proposal of the Faculty Council. The composition of the Board is displayed on the faculty website at least two weeks before the exam.
  • The Bachelor’s degree/diploma examination, at UPT, consists of two tests, as follows:
    • test 1: oral or written assessment of knowledge, and of fundamental skills and competences, in a domain and specialized;
    • test 2: presentation of a paper or project, called graduation thesis/project

The presentation of the paper is as follows:

  •  The candidate presents to the Board the summary of the paper, supported by the slides, having for this purpose usually 7 minutes, according to the decision of the commission, brought to the notice of the candidates through the displayed schedule. The presentation is uploaded to the CV at least one day before the test. Candidates attend the exam at least 60 minutes before the scheduled time for the exam, except for the first 3 candidates who show up 15 minutes before the start of the support session.
  •  The candidate answers the questions of the members of the Board regarding the content of the paper.
  • The practical part presented to the members of the Board is to demonstrate the functionality of the proposed system (either a set of equipment / circuits and software possibly related to a process, or only part hardware, only part software application, or - in special cases, when the demonstration do otherwise - video sequences that demonstrate the operation).

Information on the Diploma Project

Some important excerpts regarding the Diploma Project, specified in the above-mentioned regulations:

  • The paper is edited according to the instructions in the Guide for preparing and drafting undergraduate and master thesis papers, in Romanian or English, depending on the language of the bachelor's program.
    The paper is approximately 40-50 pages in size (not to exceed 100 pages including the appendices) and is evaluated in writing by the supervisor(s) of the paper. The coordinating teachers send the evaluation sheets (in pdf format) to the e-mail address of the Board secretary, no later than one day before the presentation of the paper.
  • Each bachelor’s/master’s/graduation thesis/project must contain a Statement, signed by the candidate, which assures the originality of the thesis/project. The Statement is mandatory for the candidate to be able to attend the presentation and defense of the bachelor’s/master’s/graduation thesis/project or diploma project.
  • After completing the process of uploading the paper, the coordinating teacher validates the paper by selecting the grade passed/rejected on the CV at the place of uploading so that the student can enter the exam.
  • The paper is presented only in electronic format, no need to print it.
  • A PowerPoint document (8-16 slides) will support the paper's presentation.