Department Merit Diplomas of 2020

  Date and Time
Monday, December 14, 2020 - 12:30
Jarvis, the DCTI video-conference platform

The following colleagues are awarded with the Computer and Information Technology Department Merit Diplomas of 2020.
With this occasion, we thank and congratulate them!


Merit Award - Valentin STÂNGACIU
Valentin STĂNGACIU For developing, installing and configuring an outstanding infrastructure of network services at department level.
Merit Award - Ramona A. CIOARGĂ
Ramona A. CIOARGĂ For managing the planning and reporting documentation related to the didactic activity at the department level, as well as the documentation and procedures related to the evaluation and accreditation of study programs in the C&IT domain.
Merit Award - Răzvan V. BOGDAN
Răzvan V. BOGDAN For integrating into the Virtual Campus and for managing the process of elective courses selection, at the department level.
Merit Award - Alin A. ANTON
Alin A. ANTON For managing Jarvis, the DCTI video-conference platform, as well as for the partnership with the Aquatim SA. company, with remarkable results for the city of Timisoara.
Merit Award - Ciprian B. CHIRILĂ
Ciprian B. CHIRILĂ For his outstanding involvement at faculty level in general, as vice-dean, as well as for his contributions to organizing the SACI and ICSTCC international conferences.