Department Merit Diplomas of 2022

  Date and Time
Friday, July 7, 2023 - 17:00 to 22:00
UPT Sports Complex 2, Paunescu Podeanu Str.

The following colleagues are awarded with the Computer and Information Technology Department Merit Diplomas of 2022.
With this occasion, we thank and congratulate them!


Merit Award - Răzvan CIOARGĂ
Răzvan D. CIOARGĂ For creating the "Enroll UPT" digital admission platform and for managing important related procedures, at undergraduate, master's and doctorate levels.
Merit Award - Alexandru PETOFI
Alexandru PETOFI For his remarkable activity in our department over time, as a pillar of stability and trust among the colleagues.
Merit Award - Mădălin D. POP
Mădălin D. POP For his passion in managing the procedures of elective courses selection for the students of the C&IT undergraduate and master programs.
Merit Award - Alexandru I. TOPÎRCEANU
Alexandru I. TOPÎRCEANU For his effort in further developing and diversifying the activities of the Romanian IEEE SSIT Chapter, since becoming its chair.
Merit Award - Cristina S. STÂNGACIU
Cristina S. STÂNGACIU For her remarkable way of involving in the organization of the SCSS and other important activities, as the Scientific Secretary of the DCTI.