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Academic Title
Dr. Eng.
Administrative Positions and Attributions
Scientific Secretary of Department
Department Merit Diplomas
Office Contact
  Rooms B417, B513
(0256 40) 3269
  cristina.stangaciu (at)


Research Fields
Research Interests
  • Real-Time Applications; Real-Time Task Scheduling; Real-Time Operating Systems; Embedded Operating Systems; Internet of Things; C Programming; Embedded C Programming; Algorithms.
PhD Thesis
Selected Research Projects

Selected Publications

  • A Hardware-Aware Application Execution Model in Mixed-Criticality Internet of Things
    Stangaciu, C. S.,Capota, E.A.,Stangaciu V.,Micea M.V., Curiac D.I
    (2022, May). Mathematics, 10(9), 1537.
  • Novel Hybrid Scheduling Technique for Sensor Nodes with Mixed Criticality Tasks
    Micea, M. V., Stangaciu, C. S., Stangaciu, V., & Curiac, D. I.
    (2017). Sensors, 17(7), 1504.
  • An Analysis of a Hard Real-Time Execution Environment Extension for FreeRTOS
    Stangaciu, C., Micea, M., & Cretu, V.
    (2015). Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering, 15(3), 79-86.
  • Hard real-time execution environment extension for FreeRTOS
    Stangaciu, C. S., Micea, M. V., & Cretu, V. I.
    (2014, October). In Robotic and Sensors Environments (ROSE), 2014 IEEE International Symposium on (pp. 124-129). IEEE.
  • Energy efficiency in real-time systems: A brief overview.
    Stangaciu, C. S., Micea, M. V., & Cretu, V. I.
    (2013, May). In 2013 IEEE 8th International Symposium on Applied Computational Intelligence and Informatics (SACI) (pp. 275-280). IEEE.