CCCTI Research Center

The Research Center in Computer and Information Technology (CCCTI) supports the research activities of the DCTI staff members, PhD students and associated researchers in the general area of Computer and Information Technology.

A wide range of research projects have been implemented by our research groups and teams, starting with the MECIPT-1 project in 1960 and including the FP7 EMuCo project, FP7 FET-Open i-Risc, the CHIST-ERA projects GEMSCLAIM, DIVIDEND, the POS-CCE project Falx-Daciae and the CloudPUTing platform.

The current management of the CCCTI Research Center:

Past directors of the Research Center:

In its current structure, the CCCTI Research Center is accredited at university level since 2011. It is composed of the following specialized research laboratories and reseach groups: